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Posted in Good Moments, My family on February 22nd, 2009

Welcome Sawyer Shane Austin/Logan – born to Bethany and Mark on Saturday. Congrats guys.

From David’s e-mail: Bethany and Mark welcomed Sawyer Shane Austin(Logan?) at 9:28 AM today.  He is 7 lbs and 6 oz, and 21 inches long.  He’s got Bethany’s mouth and nose, the long & large Austin hands, and Mark’s EARS!!!

This is Noah’s post . . .

Posted in My family on September 14th, 2008

Hi, I’m Noah – whuzzup !

Hello people of the world and beyond . . .
YO! to you 2 . .


This is Josh’s post . . .

Posted in My family on September 14th, 2008

Hi, I’m Josh and here’s what I have to say:



And the cat says – YYYIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Josh’s Electric Motor Project

Posted in My family on June 7th, 2008

Today Josh built an electric motor. He had all the pieces from various other projects and he put it all together. Look at this . . .joshsmotorproject1.JPGjoshsmotorproject2.JPG


Elephant – our 3rd Child . . .

Posted in Good Moments, My family on April 22nd, 2008

This is “Elephant” and one of his buddies. He belongs to Noah and Elephant has quite a history. Elephant travels with us just about everywhere. Someday I’ll tell the story of rescuing Elephant after he fell out of the car near Victorville and I found him 3 days later – that was a close call. And there have been other escapades . . . but somehow Elephant has survived and he is an important part of our lives.

ontheroadagain.JPG In Yuma, AZ img_3792a.JPG and in Tracy, CA