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Elephant – our 3rd Child . . .

Posted in Good Moments, My family on April 22nd, 2008

This is “Elephant” and one of his buddies. He belongs to Noah and Elephant has quite a history. Elephant travels with us just about everywhere. Someday I’ll tell the story of rescuing Elephant after he fell out of the car near Victorville and I found him 3 days later – that was a close call. And there have been other escapades . . . but somehow Elephant has survived and he is an important part of our lives.

ontheroadagain.JPG In Yuma, AZ img_3792a.JPG and in Tracy, CA

Trip to Canada – March, 2008

Posted in About me on April 4th, 2008

I traveled to Toronto again in March. Visited all my family including Mom. She has had a tough winter, but she’s improving daily.

Spent time with David and Pattie. David’s son Shane is not well. He is at a center in Phoenix where they are keeping him as comfortable as possible. Spent a little time with David’s family. Notable change was that Lexi has grown out of the “tomboy” stage. Was great to see her and Jenny and Bethany.

Visited Liane and her crew and her new cats. Lots of snow there, but it was melting quite quickly. The boys are growing and the most noticeable change was Isaac, who has changed from “a little guy” to “a boy”! – the new haircut adds to the new image. Mitchell and Merrin are growing and funny. John is helping out at a neighbors farm. He has become a young man.

The Cannington women:

merrin.JPG Merrin . .


Adele and Liane . . .

and boys:

isaac.JPG Isaac(tough-guy)

brendonandisaac.JPG Brendan and Isaac

mitchell.JPG Mitchell watching TV

johnandalbinodonkey.JPG John at work

onthefarm.JPG At John’s work – with the horse

melianes.JPG me at Liane’s

I spent 2 and half days in Cannington, saw Liane’s friend Adele and her son Brendan on Sunday afternoon just before I left.

Back to Barrie on Sunday, then through to Michael’ s via Beaton (Mom) again. Spent 2 1/2 more days in Guelph.


This was a trip mostly to see Mom and I saw her for 6 separate visits. She is getting better – recovering from the winter. Michael and I and Mom called JC while we were there and finally tracked him down. He has moved to a location to be closer to Rosin.

I left on Wednesday afternoon. Glad to be home where there isn’t 4 feet of snow, but I always enjoy the trip.

See you all soon again . . .