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Chris’s Garden

Posted in My family on July 29th, 2007

Chris’s garden: momsgardent.JPG gardent.JPG

The Cherry Tomato tree. This single plant yields about
250-400 cherry tomatoes a season and grows to
over 7 foot tall.

Zucchini              and           Tomatoes . . .

zuchinnit.JPG tomatoest.JPG

Basil          and                Beets . . .

basilt.JPG beetst.JPG

Looking up the back hill

backhillt.JPG grapefruitt.JPG

Grapefruit growing . . .
Chris’s little patch of paradise . . .

Santa Clarita Park – Swim Meet

Posted in My family on July 29th, 2007


josh_divingthumb.JPG    butterflythumb.JPG    atthefinishlinethumb.JPG 

   On Saturday we went to a new park for Josh’s swim meet. All week Josh practiced diving and this was his first meet where he was able to dive in. He was very excited and he did very well.

  Afterwards we went to North Oaks park (our local pool) and Noah showed off his front flips off the 1 meter spring board there until one of the lifeguards tightened up the board – that slowed Noah down a bit – but not much!

   Next week is Josh’s last meet of the summer. . .

Classy Wedding

Posted in Good Moments on July 22nd, 2007

ll0021.JPG lindaluis1.bmp

Chris and I were invited to Linda and Luis Rodriguez’s wedding on Saturday. I had never attended a traditional Catholic Spanish wedding. I was truly moved . . . a beautiful experience . . .
Congratulations Linda and Luis . . .


Mom’s paintings

Posted in My family on July 21st, 2007

Michael is assembling a collage of some of Mom’s more current paintings:




Some of about 57 that Michael had posted.

and the church that we attended:
n605330294_258645_6975.jpg St.Peters’s Anglican Church, Sherbrooke, Quebec.


and some other stuff that he has posted on his Facebook site:

n605330294_290803_5695.jpg mom&dad.txt n605330294_283323_8023.jpg coat-of-arms.txt

n605330294_182007_291.jpg Voila – Michael as “The Lord Chancellor”

IOLANTHE [ (Guelph) Spring 2007 ]

n605330294_187705_2710.jpg Great picture of Naomi and Sydney

n605330294_194493_961.jpg and finally – all of us at my wedding – May 20th, 1995


Posted in My family on July 19th, 2007

Michael talked me into joining Facebookmichael_facebook.jpg

 and we found Lianeliane_facebook.jpg there too . .
Now I have friends . . .