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Trip to Canada – March, 2008

Posted in About me on April 4th, 2008

I traveled to Toronto again in March. Visited all my family including Mom. She has had a tough winter, but she’s improving daily.

Spent time with David and Pattie. David’s son Shane is not well. He is at a center in Phoenix where they are keeping him as comfortable as possible. Spent a little time with David’s family. Notable change was that Lexi has grown out of the “tomboy” stage. Was great to see her and Jenny and Bethany.

Visited Liane and her crew and her new cats. Lots of snow there, but it was melting quite quickly. The boys are growing and the most noticeable change was Isaac, who has changed from “a little guy” to “a boy”! – the new haircut adds to the new image. Mitchell and Merrin are growing and funny. John is helping out at a neighbors farm. He has become a young man.

The Cannington women:

merrin.JPG Merrin . .


Adele and Liane . . .

and boys:

isaac.JPG Isaac(tough-guy)

brendonandisaac.JPG Brendan and Isaac

mitchell.JPG Mitchell watching TV

johnandalbinodonkey.JPG John at work

onthefarm.JPG At John’s work – with the horse

melianes.JPG me at Liane’s

I spent 2 and half days in Cannington, saw Liane’s friend Adele and her son Brendan on Sunday afternoon just before I left.

Back to Barrie on Sunday, then through to Michael’ s via Beaton (Mom) again. Spent 2 1/2 more days in Guelph.


This was a trip mostly to see Mom and I saw her for 6 separate visits. She is getting better – recovering from the winter. Michael and I and Mom called JC while we were there and finally tracked him down. He has moved to a location to be closer to Rosin.

I left on Wednesday afternoon. Glad to be home where there isn’t 4 feet of snow, but I always enjoy the trip.

See you all soon again . . .

My Project at SiTV is Complete

Posted in About me, Good Moments on February 15th, 2008

My task at SiTV during the past couple of months was to help them improve the audio division of their sound stage. Without question, we succeeded. We were met with many challenges and we overcame them. Over the past 4 weeks, 15 episodes of “The Drop” were taped, and every week the quality of the audio improved dramatically.

I enjoyed working with these extremely dedicated people. Much thanks to Samir and Sashko and Bling, who assisted me in the rebuild and who worked tirelessly for every show and, of course, to Eric and Marlen whose driving energy never ceases to amaze me. I met many new friends and I expect that SiTV will experience tremendous growth because so many people care here. Thank you everyone for a wonderful experience.

Working again – at least for 2 months

Posted in About me on December 14th, 2007

I am working again! I have started a 2 month project to help a local TV network (SiTV) www.sitv.com improve their electrical and audio resources. Very dedicated people and great challenge. Thanks Eric and Marlen . . .

I’m searching for work . . .

Posted in About me on October 25th, 2007


After 13 years at Technicolor in Glendale CA, I have resigned my position as Director of Audio Engineering.

I am actively considering a couple of possibilities, either to continue my career at a smaller post-production facility or recording studio, or as a free-lance audio and production-network engineer/consultant.

I enjoy designing and implementing infrastructures including assisting growing studios advance into the new “tapeless” world of production workflow with modern computer technologies. I have learned how to build fast, secure production networks and know how to integrate both large (XSAN etc,) and smaller (mean and lean) IT networks to accommodate today’s rapidly changing workflows.


Posted in About me on July 15th, 2007

Yesterday was my 60th birthday. Josh had a swim meet in the morning, freestyle and butterfly – (he’s way more ambitious than I).
img_2413b.JPG img_2418a.JPG img_2415a.JPG

After lunch, he and Noah went for a sleepover at a friends house paving the way for Mom and Dad . . .

img_2423a.JPG img_2432c.JPG

Chris and I set out for a more adult evening. Chiropractor, lunch in the valley (with drinks), Massage-Masters, Japanese restaurent (with drinks) and the highlight of the day was going to the Pantages theater in Hollywood to see “WICKED, the untold story of the witches of Oz” . Beautiful theater – beautiful sets – long show. Very impressive – truly a magnificent venue.

Hollywood Bowlimg_2438a.JPG img_2447a.JPGCapitol Records

did I say drinks . . . img_2445.JPG

img_2444a.JPG Pantages Theater 011_megan_edena.jpgthe stars