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Mom’s paintings

Michael is assembling a collage of some of Mom’s more current paintings:




Some of about 57 that Michael had posted.

and the church that we attended:
n605330294_258645_6975.jpg St.Peters’s Anglican Church, Sherbrooke, Quebec.


and some other stuff that he has posted on his Facebook site:

n605330294_290803_5695.jpg mom&dad.txt n605330294_283323_8023.jpg coat-of-arms.txt

n605330294_182007_291.jpg Voila – Michael as “The Lord Chancellor”

IOLANTHE [ (Guelph) Spring 2007 ]

n605330294_187705_2710.jpg Great picture of Naomi and Sydney

n605330294_194493_961.jpg and finally – all of us at my wedding – May 20th, 1995

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