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Canada Trip

Arrived on Thursday – spent Thursday evening with David and family.
– had a nice dinner with David on way home from the airport – and then he showed me his “work” – very impressive – very interesting.

flowers.JPGVisited Mom on Friday – late morning. She was in the TV room – but just kinda sitting there – not really watching. She recognized me and we went for a walk to her room. She showed me her new digs. Lots of mementos from home – very tasteful. We talked for a bit then we went for a drive out past Beeton – west for about 15 miles and back. She tires easily but when she is focused – she seems quite on track – remembers items/situations/places from the past with no problem. But 45 minutes after I left she may not have remember that I had been there. Nonetheless – when the lights turn on – she’s all there. We had some very nice moments.
Took her back – helped her with lunch then settled her back in her room – left about 1:30PM.

Drove to Liane’s – arrived about 4:30PM – Had a great visit. She is making the very best of a difficult situation. Her kids are very cool – they respect their Mom and she them. She is strong and fair with them – they have the family unit that I remember my neighbors in Massawippi had – a tight family bond. Liane – You have a great family. And you are a good role-model. (I can’t believe I’m saying this!)

photo_092307_005.jpgphoto_092207_004.jpgphoto_092207_012.jpgphoto_092207_013.jpg photo_092207_005.jpg photo_092207_008.jpg

Met Liane’s friend Adele on Saturday. Smart girl – nice eyes. Tough life – Why does this happen? Good luck Adele – Keep swimming. Liane is lucky to have you as a friend. Thanks Liane and John and Merrin and Mitchell and Isaac. The bike trips to the fields were the High 🙂 – only low was leaving 🙁 See you soon . .photo_092307_006.jpg

Back to Mom’s on Sunday for a “family re-union” in the courtyard at Beeton Manor. Other than a lost soul than kept bothering the kids, the event was OK . Lots of people, me, David, Pattie and Jenny and Lexy, Michael, Naomi and Myles and Sydney and Mom. Lots of KFC etc., We all talked with JC jcrosin.JPG when he called – that was nice.
Followed Michael and family back to Guelph – about an hour and 15 min. Michael gave me the grand tour – they certainly have done a lot of renovating. I can see how much planning went into the process. a lot of work. Nice job. Very efficient use of space. And dimmers everywhere! Nice touch. You have maintained the family traditions.

n605330294_187705_2710.jpg magicmyles.JPG mylessydney.JPG michael_halloween.JPG sydney.JPG myles.JPG
Monday was Naomi’s birthday. We had lunch – then Michael and I drove to see Mom. She saw us coming down the hall and very graciously greeted us. We had a nice visit – talked with Helen Morrison. photo_092407_001.jpg Left about 3:30PM – back to Guelph for Birthday events and dinner – and cake.
Drove back to David’s work on Tuesday morning – We had lunch en route then he drove me to the airport about 2:00PM.
Got home about 8:00PM – Had a great trip – saw everyone I wanted to – Thanks to everyone for your hospitality. Nice to be home with my peeps and my stuff.