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Beach day at Carpinteria


We went to a nice beach up the coast at Carpinteria yesterday. This was a loosely organized Cub Scouts event and we met up with Andy and Michele and their family and several other couples and families that we know.
rick01.JPG momnoah.JPG joshatbeach1.JPG
Josh digging joshnonthetidepools.JPG Tide Pools noahbeach04.JPG Noah’s Lunch? noahbeach03.JPG the surfer

The beach is long – clean white sand – and reasonably tame water. The boys had a blast – body surfing and boogie boarding. Both Josh and Noah caught some nice (child size) waves – enough for them to peek their enthusiasm. They had a great time. Now they want their own boogie boards – maybe next summer!

We hiked south down the beach in search of shells and starfish.

beach01b.JPG beachrocks.JPG kite.JPG

noahscrab.JPG starfish.JPG birds.JPG breaking_water.JPG

We left the beach about 6:30 we are went to Rusty’s Pizza for dinner and then headed home. It was a great afternoon.

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