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Josh’s 1st Swimming competition

getting-ready1.JPG getting ready .

img_2400b.JPG on the block .

img_2403b.JPG doing the backstroke . . .

Josh swam yesterday at the Aquatic Center in 2 heats, freestyle and backstroke – He did pretty well – had lots of fun . Reminiscent of the Pointe Claire days –

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  1. Sam & Gerry Says:

    Heya Rick and Chris,
    The 4th party was fantastic. The only thing missing was you!
    Nice website Rick.

    WTG Josh!!!!!!

    Hi Liane and Adam

    Love Sam & Gerry

  2. Rick Says:

    Sorry we missed the 4th – we travelled over 1K miles throughout the Imperial Valley/Salton Sea last week and we were just travelled out. It was a fascinating trip.

    Was great to see you and Gerry – and Allan etc., last week . Happy 60th again . .


    Rick and Chris

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