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Building a “tree-house”

I’ll add as we go . . .

With enormous credit to Dennis Pinckard (Big-Red) http://users.keyway.net/~scooby/pinckard.htm – who is the best “framer” I ever worked with.

Using a piece a 3/4″ plywood that I had given to the boys a few weeks ago . . . We built 4 corner supports and “feet” for the floor – (and a notch at each corner of the plywood – more about that later . . .)

jandnwithtreehouse01.JPG jandnwithtreehouse02.JPG jandnwithtreehouse03.JPG

Re-enforced the floor: dsc00007.JPG

dsc00008.JPG dsc00009.JPG

Working on the roof with Noah: dsc00004.JPG

dsc00005.JPG dsc00006.JPG

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